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Happy 21st - Serving in Spain since 2000

The Reids reflect on 21 years of proclaiming Christ in Spain. As they look back over the years, its clear to see that through the ups and downs of ministry in Spain God has remained faithful!

Andrew & Ruth Reid

Country Profile: Peru

What is life like in Peru? How has God been at work? Find out in our Peru Country Profile.


From Farm To France

Get to know David and Hannah Sandall and their journey from their farm in Naas to serving God with Baptist Missions in France.

David & Hannah Sandall

Country Profile: France

Find out more about the country and people of France, the gospel needs there and how God is working!


Little By Little One Walks Far - A History of Baptist Missions Work in Peru

In 2017, Baptist Missions celebrated 90 years of "proclaiming Christ and planting churches" in the country of Peru. Hear the story of God's faithfulness in making little steps go far in spreading the good news of Jesus.


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Planting a church in South Donegal during a pandemic is like driving blind through a tunnel wondering if we’ll ever see the light of day. Matt shares an update on the gospel work in Bundoran.

Matt Tuttlebee

Mission Started in Genesis

The account of the fall of man tells a lot about ourselves as human beings, it explains a lot about the mess the world is in today and it tells even more about God.

Paul McFarland

Encouragement: Minor Profile - Major Impact

Your church & the missionaries that they support need your encouragement! Let's consider 3 ways from Acts by which Barnabas encouraged the church at Jerusalem & their outreach to the world.

David Dickson

God's Mission and The Local Church: DEEP & WIDE (Part II)

Part II of Andrew Roycrot's look at God's mission and the local church.

Andrew Roycroft

Country Profile: Spain

What is life like in Spain? Check out our Country Profile to learn more about the country of Spain and the people there.


A Year in the Life

Church planting looks different in every context. Richard shares a year in the life of the new church-plant in South County Dublin.

Richard McConnell

A Dual Approach

There is a direct link between the availability of trained pastors and the stability, health and outward vision of the churches. Andrew Reid explains a dual approach by the Evangelical School of Theology and the Federation of Independent Evangelical Churches which seeks to do something to meet this need.

Andrew Reid

God's Mission and The Local Church: GROW (Part I)

What part am I to play, and what part can our church play in the work of reaching the lost with the gospel? Andrew Roycroft looks at God's global mission and the local church in a two part series.

Andrew Roycroft